License and License Keys

Each Cluster resource has a licenseKey parameter in its definition.

A licenseKey is always required for the operator to work.

The only exception is when you run the operator with Community PostgreSQL: in this case, if the licenseKey parameter is unset, a cluster will be started with the default trial license - which automatically expires after 30 days.


After the license expiration, the operator will cease any reconciliation attempt on the cluster, effectively stopping to manage its status. The pods and the data will still be available.

You can find the expiration date, as well as more information about the license, in the cluster status:

kubectl get cluster cluster_example -o yaml
    licenseExpiration: "2021-11-06T09:36:02Z"
    licenseStatus: Trial
    valid: true

A cluster license key can be updated with a new one at any moment, to extend the expiration date or move the cluster to a production license.

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